Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Aboriginal Art~ Layers and Layers of Crayon

Aboriginal Art~

 Layers and Layers of Crayon

Looking and Thinking-

The Aborigines were the first people to live in Australia. Historians believe the Aborigines reached Australia over 40,000 years ago. The art made by these people can be found in caves, on stone, and on piece of bark. The Aborigines made  paints from berries and other plants in nature. Then they used the paints to color imaginative designs.  

This is an aboriginal bark painting. It was painted a long time ago. What colors does it have? Can you see these colors in nature? Describe the kind of shapes and lines used to make the bark painting. 

A student artist like you made this piece of art. Does it remind you of Aboriginal art? The artist used crayons and paper instead of paints and bark. Things like paint, crayons, and clay are called media. They are an artist's materials. Can you see how different media change the way art looks? 


White paper


Paper Towels


Making Art

1. Begin your bark painting by covering a sheet of paper with yellow crayon. Use short, quick strokes to cover the paper. Press down on the crayon. 

2. On top of the yellow crayon, add a layer using orange crayon. Use quick strokes, and cover the whole page. Don't press down on the crayon quite as hard as you did on the yellow crayon.  You don't want to break through the yellow layer. 

3. Do three more layers in this order: Red, Brown, Black. (Would the Aborigines be able to use the colors you use?) Then rub the surface of your art with a paper towel. 

4. Now use your scissors to etch a design in the crayon layers. Use the Points of the scissors to etch lines. Use the edges of the scissors to etch out solid areas or shapes. Keep your design simple. Think about how the Aborigines' designs looked. 

5. Study your artwork when it's complete. Can you see the colors of crayons where you etched? How is your artwork like Aboriginal bark painting? How is it different? 

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