Saturday, October 24, 2020

Zen Doodle Project School Year 2020-2021


It’s time for Art Lit!

Zen Doodle Project  

Inspired by Illustrators

If you do not have the materials for this project at home, use what you do have. Just get creative!


Zen Doodle Art Lit Project Inspiration

An illustrator is an artist who draws or creates pictures for magazines, books, advertising, etc.


Some examples are:

 Day and Night by M.C Esher

The Tale of Squire Nutkin by Beatrix Potter

Wild Rumpus by Mauric Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are)

Examples of Zen Doodles by Paula Dickerhoff:

Who Says the Owl

Add caption


Materials Needed:



Black marker

Optional items: colored pencils, markers, crayons


Project, step by step directions:

Step 1 

Practice different doodle patterns.

On a piece of blank paper, practice some of the base doodle shapes and patterns. (See directions below.)

a)      Raindrop

b)      Rainbow

c)      Circles, squares, triangles

d)      Spirals

e)      Wavy Lines, Zig Zag Lines

f)       Hashing lines


Draw a raindrop shape.

Start at the tip, follow the shape, and draw another, larger raindrop around the first one.

Keep repeating until you are happy with the size.


Draw a small, upside down U shape.

Draw a larger U shape, following the same shape as the first one.

Keep repeating until you are happy with the size.

Circles, squares, triangles

Draw a circle, square, or triangle.

Draw a smaller circle, square, or triangle inside the larger one.

Keep repeating until you are happy with the size.


Draw a circle that does not fully touch, start to curve in, toward the center.

Try a square or triangle. 

Wavy lines and Zig Zag Lines

To fill a cell or space, use your pencil/pen to draw a wavy line.

Try thick lines, thin lines, drawing the wavy lines close together or farther apart.

Hashing lines

Draw four short lines, one over the other to make a square.

Draw four short lines, next to each other to make a square.

Repeat, drawing the blocks of lines close to each other.

Step 2. Choose your subject.  

On a new piece of paper, use a pencil to lightly draw a large, simple subject; fish, butterfly, flower, heart, bird, trace your hand (Or, an adult’s hand! It will be larger).  

Step 3

Trace the shape with a marker, pen or Sharpie. 

Step 4

Draw lines to create cells or shapes.

Step 5

Choose any of the Zen Doodle patterns from your practice page to fill in the open shapes.

Step 6

Keep going until all of the cells are filled. Then, make some lines thicker, add dots or extra lines, add a smile.

You can use markers, colored pencils or crayon if you want to color your Zen Doodle!