Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ancient Egypt - Art Project

This is a SUPER easy art project that all the kids are successful with.  All you need is the following materials to make this happen...
This may be subject to change but it is the basic idea.
  • gold wrapping paper
  • cardboard
  • sharpies
  • copies of Egyptian coloring pages
  • Tape
  • pencil/something to trace

Have the kids Tape down gold paper onto cardboard.  Each kid should have tape to hold down their coloring page onto the gold paper.  Remind them that the paper CANNOT move once they have started. If your class does not want to use the sharpies, you can just turn the gold paper upside down so the image will be raised.

Have them trace over the lines of the coloring page with pressure.  This will leave an imprint of the lines on the gold paper.  Once they have completely traced the picture, then they should take off the coloring page.  They will be able to see the lines of the picture in the gold paper.  Have them use a sharpie and trace over those lines in black.  You should end up with something that looks like this (yes, a kid did this!).

King Tut's Mask

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